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Is there any female out there who doesn’t dream of having an appealing lip? But still, most of us take good care of our skin, face, pedicure…etc and no good care of the tender part of our face called lips.
If you think that the lip balm in your bag is enough care for your lips, then you are wrong. In order to start a good care of them you need to start “Exfoliation”. Yes! Scrub, Scrub, scrub!!
There are a number of good products in the market, but why not first try a homemade recipe. Not only will it be cheap but it will guarantee you all natural ingredients.

The recipe is simple:
0.5 Teaspoonful brown sugar (white sugar is just fine)
0.5 Teaspoonful Honey

Mix well and you may add few drops of water for better consistency………You are ready!
Start massaging this mixture on your lips in soft circular motion for 1-2 minutes, then dry your lips with a soft towel. Now, you have extremely soft, fuller a cherry colored lips!!
It is all because the scrubbing motion increases your blood circulation, giving the fullness look and the color. The sugar and honey removes any unneeded debris on the lips leaving them softer than ever.

Put on your favorite lip balm and you are ready to go….But put in mind that the results are only temporary and the process need to do it on regular bases for lip care. So, it is very beneficial to exfoliate daily before going to bet to have better results.

And if you prefer a homemade lip balm, here is an easy recipe:
Add some Shea butter (or Vaseline) with few drops of cinnamon oil (carefully, not too much, only few drops) and you can mix using an ear bud. This is a very simple beautiful combination where the Shea butter/ Vaseline will guarantee you protected soft lips, while the cinnamon oil will increase your blood circulation (since it is a spice),which will provide you a numbness feeling of a fuller look.

Now with these natural ingredients, you are more than ready to have good care of your lips, they deserve it… deserve it!!

This article is written by Pakinam Farouk
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