Baby oil, worth every penny!

I am very practical person and I like using my stuff the right way. And if that means am going to use one item 20 different ways…so be it.

Back in college I knew that baby oil can be used for babies’ skin and ours as well after shower to kept it health and fresh, since then and I have always kept a bottle home. By time I began to use it in other usages. And since sharing is caring, I thought to share different uses for baby oil that you may never heard of:

1. After waxing, if you kept scrubbing with your loaf for hours, still you will never be able to get rid of its sticky residues. Few drops of baby oil will remove them like magic.

2. Eye makeup remover, few drops on a piece of cotton and you have a new cosmetic.

3. If you have dry or cracked heals, baby oil works like a charm on them.

4. For pregnant women, few drops of baby oil on your stomach will decrease your incidence of having pregnancy stretch marks. I have been using it since the beginning of my pregnancy and thankfully it worked for me.

5. Polisher; few drops on a piece of cloth and will clean your stainless steel and chrome products!

6. Definitely, the cheapest massaging oil.

7. If you are so cold, rub it on your body and it will keep you warm, since it insulates your body from the surrounding temperature.

8. Removes sticky gum, paint, temporary tattoos or anything stuck on your skin

9. From personal experience, adding some (Dam el Ghazal: red powder bought from spice dealers) on some baby oil before taking your tan under the sun; it will provide your tan a reddish attractive look and will protect you from sunburn

10. Lubricant; instead of breaking your tangled necklace, add baby oil on the knot and it will be easily untangled.

These are not the only uses of baby oil, you can search for other uses as well. But more importantly, now you knew that a product might be used in different useful ways. So think outside the box and always make your products worth every penny! Who knew that such a cheap product can do all of that ;)
This article is written by Pakinam Farouk
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