The Relaunch of Daniel Hechter at Cairo Festival City

On November 17, 2014, Daniel Hechter, the sporty-chic, French brand, has re-launched in Egypt, starting from their Autumn-Winter 2014 collection. The re-launch is based on a new implementation and interpretation of colors, materials, and designs. Keeping the French, fashionable identity, brand designers have made new efforts to reconstruct the collections, making them look younger and combining them with a sure sense of style and sporty chic with elegance.

“The Daniel Hechter identity has changed many times over the years, from its sport line in 1975 to elegant and chic. The main reason behind this is the evolution of trends. Between the changes, the Parisian identity had to be kept as the origin of the brand, making it young and elegant”, expressed Paul Antaki, fashion guru and owner of Daniel Hechter in Egypt.

The Autumn-Winter 2014 women collection is based on five themes: French Kiss, Nature Spirit, Smokey Eyes, Rock around the clock, and Material Girl. They represent a casual, sportive, yet fashionable collection. All the themes are implemented with stylish cuts, trendy textures, and creative prints. Whether the look is business or casual, the new collection has a variety of options of colors and textures, giving the modernized yet classic look.

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For the men’s collection, softness is the keyword of inspiration and the core-theme. This new understanding and use of colors and materials lead the Daniel Hechter winter 2014-2015 menswear collection to a new level of quality and design. The collection was divided into the areas of “the business”, “the semi-dressed”, and “the weekend”: all areas impressed by the use of high quality materials, a variety of combinations, functional outfits, trendy colors, and modern details.

In celebration of the re-launch, an in-store fashion show was held on November 13th, 2014 to present the new sporty-chic collection to the fashion world. The show took place at the new Daniel Hechter branch at the Cairo Festival City Mall, featuring a talk by Paul Antaki.

With Dina Elkei, Brand manager

With Fashion Designer Ahmed Nabil
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