M.A.C A Novel Romance Lingering Kiss Lipstick

From the Novel Romance collection, I got this my hands on this lipstick, Lingering Kiss. It is described by M.A.C as a “deep plum red with a Matte finish.” It’s a dark vampy red with warm plum undertones (burghandy for short LOL), and has a slight shiney finish. The label said it is matte but is not matte at all and didn't understand the reason behind M.A.C's description.

Lingering kiss is well pigmented, doesn't fill in lip lines. It also left a stain behind and was neither drying nor hydrating. The Lipstick is smoothe and creame. Glides well while applying. Stayed put for 5 hours and left a dark stain behind. 
similar lipsticks swatch comparison

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