How to fix a broken blush

We always have this clumsy moment when drop off things without any sort of concentration in this world! Yes, I do that all the time, I bump by windows, walls, drop glasses, break nail polishes, it! Thank God this time it hit my Face Stockholm blush, one of my favs, but not that I would have to worry about because the damage wasn't that bad.

To fix this, I have to look up online and came across several tips. This was m favorite pick. All you would need is rubbing alchohol or spray, and something to press with the broken product.

To do this, I hate to crush the whole blush in order for the particles to attach to eachother properly again. I sprayed the alcohol on the products and spread it in its package again evenly, then Isanitized the bottom of my clarins lotion and pressed the bottom on the product to even out the surface.

Now all you have to do is leave it to dry overnight with open lid, et voila!

I hope this helped all the clumsy people, like me, out there ;)

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