Color Evolution and Mineral Lustre mineral foundation review

Amongst my constant attempt to find the perfect foundation, since I have not found my holy grail yet, I got to test out the Mineral Lustre mineral foundation. Though I haven't found what I want, however, this is one good foundation that you should definitely try out.

This mineral foundation has a heavy coverage and very pigmented, just a single minimal dab of foundation covered half of my face! I bet it would take me a very long time till I reach the end of this pot. It is easy to blend as I used my Real Techniques Expert Face brush to buff it into my skin.

One of the down points is this foundation has minimal color range, yet this shade, medium two, didn't bother me much as it was one shade darker. The Mineral Lustre foundation does not oxidize,and stayed put on my skin for 8 hours. Though it didn't cause me any breakouts, yet it didn't prevent my face from getting oily throughout the day. That would definitely need a silicon base primer for it to stay on without getting oily!

You can find this foundation on Mineral Lustre website

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