Centerpoint collaborating with City Centre Maadi

Last Friday, I was honored to attend a collaboration with City Centre Maadi and Centerpoint store. This collaboration was a contest that was held in the middle of the centre and asking the shoppers to participate in the contest by styling mannequins with items provided from Centerpoint. The fastest, most stylish and closest to the FW14 fashion trends got to win the whole outfit they styled, along with 800 L.E. gift voucher from Centerpoint and 1,000 L.E. worth of vouchers from Mohamed Elsagheer beauty salon.

The contestants were assisted to dress up and down the mannequin with the help of Centerpoint's Visual Merchandisers, since the mannequin were either too tall or heavy for the girls to lift and dress on their own.

The contest was held on 3 rounds, 6pm, 7pm and 8 pm, wach having one winner, hence, having three winners in one day.

The contestants trying to dress up the mannequin

Can you guess which style won?
With on of the PR's exec., Hussein

The VM, and one of the Judges as well, with the winning Mannequin
With the Marketing Manager Mouny and Hussein

With the team behind the collaboration
Round 3 about to start
The items provided by centerpoint to include in the contest

The producer with the three contestants in round 2
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The three contestants of round three
the contestant are on the run, are they fast enough?

Centerpoint's VM team with the styled Mannequin, Guess which one won this round?
A new experience in Egypt yes, we culturally are not aware of such activations that happen regularly all around the world. There will be another contest next Friday 21 Nov at City Centre Maadi,  but this time with another store. Can you guess this time with which store?

Don't miss out chance of winning amazing prizes and bragging your styling techniques, come over next Friday and participate.

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