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Rimmel Introduces New Wonder’full Mascara With Argan Oil

Calling all beauty secret agents. Your beauty mission, if you choose to accept it, is to kill clumps and reveal full, smooth, lash by lash volume. Arm yourself with new Rimmel Wonder’full Mascara With Argan Oil and total success is guaranteed!
 Rimmel introduces Wonder’full, the first-ever Rimmel mascara with Moroccan Argan Oil. This ground-breaking, must-have mascara with Argan Oil is your new secret weapon to perfectly full, smooth, zero-clump volume. Lashes are smoothed and defined and left feeling conditioned – it’s one seriously smooth operator!

Lash-Loving Formula
Wonder’full’s unique formula with Argan Oil instantly adheres to lashes and dries quickly so lashes don’t stick together. It feels incredibly lightweight, soft and flexible for wonder’full volume that won’t weigh you down. How smooth is that?

Full Lashes Revealed
Extraordinarily eye-catching lashes are effortless thanks to Rimmel’s new generation of Ultra-Flexible Brush. Watch as the super-soft, flexible bristles hug and coat each individual lash, perfectly separating them from root to tip. Experience beauti’full volume and lash definition in one smooth, easy stroke – not a clump in sight. Every lash is revealed, even the ones you didn’t notice.

It's a Lust-Have!
You'll lust after Wonder’full’s edgy-luxe look - the striking metallic bronze-gold pack simply oozes fierce glamour. As the cool twisted design catches the light, it hints the formula with Argan Oil. The stylish designer look is reinforced by bold black graphics and the distinctive Rimmel logo and crown debossed into the lid. Seriously sleek and chic!

Like your lashes black or even blacker? Wonder’full Mascara With Argan Oil comes in an array of three high-impact variants: classic Black; Extreme Black, which is enriched with intense black pigments for an even deeper impact; and Waterproof. The Extreme Black shade is easy to identify thanks to its chocolate brown and bronze-coloured pack. And the Waterproof formula shines out thanks to its brilliantly vibrant aqua blue bottle.

Dangerously Smooth Georgia
Her name is Jagger, Georgia May Jagger. Every woman will want to take lash inspiration from fiercely beautiful Georgia May Jagger who stars in the Wonder’full Mascara With Argan Oil print and television advertising campaign. Follow secret agent Georgia as she makes her dangerously smooth escape through London carrying Wonder’full, her secret weapon to perfectly full, smooth, zero-clump volume

Make it your duty to make lashes wonder’full. Kill clumps and reveal full lash volume with new Wonder’full Mascara With Argan Oil from Rimmel. Get the London look.


1)            Could you please describe the main benefits of the new Rimmel Wonder’full Mascara?
Wonder’full Mascara is the first-ever Rimmel mascara combining two brand new innovations: our first volumising formula with Moroccan Argan Oil and our new generation of ultra-flexible brush. It’s your new secret weapon to full, smooth, clump-free volume. Lashes are smoothed and defined and left feeling conditioned - this new must-have mascara is one seriously smooth operator!

2)            How does the Wonder’full mascara fit into the existing portfolio of Rimmel mascaras?
Our Wonder’full Mascara introduces a new complementary benefit and experience breaking new grounds in terms of clump-killing and lash respect. Rimmel’s innovative formula with argan oil reveals a new dimension of full volume that will leave lashes feeling smooth, soft, flexible and without clumps.   With Wonder’Full Mascara, we hope our Rimmel Girl will also be breaking a new mark revealing her seductive, smoldering side, showing off perfectly smooth, full, clump-free lashes with cheeky self-confidence.

3)            What is different about this new Wonder’full mascara formula with argan oil?
As a woman, you would want your mascara formula to feel good on your lashes and also respect your lashes.
With Rimmel’s new Wonder’full mascara formula with argan oil, lashes are volumised with zero clumps, and left feeling soft and smooth.
The formula with argan oil helps to keep lashes flexible & comfortable, never dry or brittle.

4)            What about the Wonder’full mascara’s brush? How does it contribute to the full volume look?
This is a new generation of plastic brush for Rimmel with ultra-soft and flexible bristles that feel smooth and gentle on the lashes, but it still gives you that very precise separation to get full, defined volume without clumps. Its lash catching action will grab each and every lash, even the smallest, unnoticeable ones to reveal full, smooth volume.

·         The first Rimmel mascara with Moroccan Argan Oil, it smooths and defines lashes with zero-clump, feather-light volume.
·         Lashes are left feeling conditioned, soft and supple. 
·         The new Ultra-Flex Brush captures and coats every lash, separating them from root to tip in one smooth stroke.
·         All lashes are revealed, even the ones you didn’t notice.

Shades:                            Black
                                      Extreme Black

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