Rimmel Wonder'full mascara review

You all should know by now how much I fancy (no, fancy is not the word), crazy about (sounds much better)  Rimmel's mascaras. I have tested, tried and loved all of them as I previously stated here and here.
L'Oreal Million lashes mascara on the left,
Rimmel Wonder'full Mascara on the right
L'Oreal Million lashes mascara on the left,
Rimmel Wonder'full Mascara on the right
Despite the brush is exactly the same like L'Oreal's million lashes, which for some weird reason and unlike all bloggers I hated a lot, this one I liked more than the Million lashes one, but less than I regularly love the Rimmel mascaras. Why you ask me? I will tell you.

For my own personal preference, I love mascaras who thicken the lashes, not lengthen them, since I already have long lashes but lack the density. The Wonder'full mascara just adds up to my natural length much, yes which I loved about, but I would have loved it even more if you could only gave me the volume I needed. So, it may be someone else's mascara but not my own. But, that does not deny the fact that this is a lovely and really good mascara for someone who really has very short eyelashes and need some flutter. Oh. and the Argan oil, something to nurture and TLC of your lashes, Naha, haven't seen that in any other product in the market so far.
This mascara gave me long, seperated non clumpy lashes, which gave me an idea that I could you one thin coat of it to lengthen my lashes, and another thin coat of another mascara to give me the density (smart, huh?). The brush is big, and I loove big lashes, I just can control it better with much precision than the thinner ones.
My only disappointment is that Rimmel cannot clam that this is a volumizing mascara while it is not.

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  1. Love these eye mascaras! I would definitely try one of these items if I find one in the market. Then I will pair it up with the bronzers I bought from http://gorgeousalley.com/makeup/face/bronzers/


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