Mineral Lustre natural eyeshadow & eyeshadow primer review

If you love natural/mineral cosmetics then you probably might have heardabout Mineral Lustre USA products, but since I don't own much mineral makeup, other than the ones produced by The Body Shop, Mineral Lustre is a brand I have recently found,

The company promises:
Cruelty-Free. Many of their powders use only 3 ingredients - (Mica, iron oxide, titanium dioxide). I believe that is better , because most products these days are loaded with too much chemicals which damage your skin. Yet, I hate the fact they contain Mica (not very friendly for your skin). It is less likely to clog pores.

I got the chance to test out a few of their products, today I'm reviewing their eyeshadow and the eyeshadow primer. I also got to test out two of their eyeshadows, not very different from each other, but one of them had the brand label "Sheer Design", which reminds me of L'Oreal infallable eyeshadow in terms of product's consistency and application.

I was also given the opportunity to try a mineral eye primer by Minerallustre. It is available on their website as well, Mineral Makeup Market. This primer provides a really good base for the eyeshadow to adhere to. It also provides longevity to your eye makeup look and makes eyeshadow colors appear more vibrant. It literary made they eyeshadow color pop!
On the left, no primer but with lots and lots of eyeshadow layers, and on the right with primer and one thin layer of eyeshadow!

The Minerallustre eye primer comes packaged in a round, clear, plastic container with a screw top lid. The primer is colourless, and has a jelly-like consistency, which I found very easy to work with. You only need a very few of it and it works like magic.  It felt silky smooth on my lid, more like silicone, which is apt as silica is one of the ingredients in this product.

Pros of Mineral Lustre products:

Consists of 100% of minerals and organic products.
Blends and dries easily.
Quite affordable as it's supposed to last six months with daily use.
Packaged in a neat, see-through container so you always know how much product you have left.
Keeps eye makeup looking fresh for at least six hours before any creasing is noticeable.
Eyeshadow colors appear more vibrant when applied over with the  primer.
Many of their products have NO EXPIRATION DATE! Yaaaaaay!


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