M.A.C Alluring Aquatic Extra Dimension Eyeshadows in Plumage Review

Plumage is deep metallic blackened forest green. It looks like a grayish smoky black on eyes and has a very sultry metallic finish with delicious hints of green! It’s really quite stunning to say the least and if you embrace smoky eyes often this is a sexy shade to go with to achieve the look.

It is a deep peacock green with metallic shimmer. So smooth, pigmented and gorgeous! 

MAC Extra Dimension Eyeshadow are gorgeous anyway as they look like a liquid metal in the pan and have a creamy, smooth texture. If these particularly shade is anything to go by it looks like the formula was considerably improved upon! Not that it was ever bad but the pigment is heavier here and the texture feels smoother and easier to blend with a bit less dryness.

M.A.C Aquatic eyeshadow in plumage swatch in shade

M.A.C Aquatic eyeshadow in plumage swatch with NYX eyepencil in milk as a base

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