FFWD| Day 2

Another day from the FFWD event in Dubai and another footage. This is a quick preview of the day.

Day 2, Sunday October 5th
Taller Marmo

For Spring Summer 2015, Taller Marmo combines influences of the oriental West with occidental influences from the East. Moved by Marchesa Casati at the beginning of the
20th Century, Talitah Getty in Morocco, and Googoosh from an Iranian pre-evolution in the 1970’s, the collection captures the culture and feel of those two distinctive eras.
This Season, Riccardo Audisio & Yago Goicoechea, introduced sleek silhouettes within the collection, adding a 1970’s touch and incorporating early 1900’s ornamented detailing.

The collection, predominantly composed of body conscious evening dresses was intended to bring about a resort lifestyle feel, consisting of cocktail dresses, kaftans and swimsuits.

Taller Marmo’s SS15 dresses come in a variety of different lengths to symbolize the sunrise, the morning, the afternoon, the sunset and the night on the dunes of the desert, an indication of exoticness. The intarsia techniques were employed by sewing together the sun and the half-moon with the rest of the dress to bring about a special and refined finishing.

Hasan Hejazi

Hasan Hejazi’s collection for Spring/Summer ‘15, presented in partnership with Audi, features a clean fresh colour palette in luxurious embroidered fabrics and silks. The show will feature some of Hasan’s favourite archive pieces, famously worn by his celebrity clientele, as well as an all-new collection for his inaugural show at Fashion Forward.  The show’s highlight will be the premiere of a unique dress inspired by Audi to mark Hasan’s debut.  Renowned for statement gowns that demand attention, this one-off piece has been created in collaboration with Audi and Hasan has taken his inspiration from Audi’s design cues of purity, intrigue, creativity, sophistication and originality.

Danny Tabet

''Smoke and Mirrors'' is the SS2015 Dany Tabet Couture collection METAL SAND SUN AND FOSSIL 

It is a journey to a modern-world desert, but not one full of magical stories of traders and treasure hunters... 
The Dany Tabet Desert is a place where the harnessed energies of precious metals is ruling the world, where Mother Earth is ravaged every day in hope of discovering fossil energy, where humble caravans leave to provide room for the tanks, and where shy stars lose their sparkle behind the mirror effect of bombs. 
My desert is no place for an adventurer or pioneer.
My desert is an oriental kaleidoscope where no man will find an oasis to rest.

This Season, Endemage draws inspiration from Zanzibar, famous for its beautiful beaches and tropical scenery, which was the main brilliance for this collection. Zanzibar was part of the Sultanate of Oman and has strongly influenced the Omani culture through the beautiful vibrant colors, prints, and fabrics, which the Zakwani sisters have elegantly incorporated into their SS15 collection. The collection features a range of off-shoulder garments, ruffles and flowy hemlines composed of white, lilac and teal colour palette. Endemage have embellished this with patterns of leaves and pineapples using embroidery and lace with details of pearls and sequins. Using a mixture of signature organza, net, lace and a customized Endemage embroidered fabric has created an indulgent, feminine and unique collection.

Tahir Sultan

Season Four represents Sultan’s fourth consecutive FFWD season. A graduate of Central Saint Martin's, the highly celebrated Kuwaiti / Indo designer launched his own label in 2008 and in 2012 became the first Kuwaiti designer to show at London Fashion Week. Sultan’s superior imagination for his new collection, named “Infinite Days & Infinite Nights” is inspired by the iconic W Retreat & Spa - Maldives, re-interpreting its white sand beaches and turquoise lagoons, vibrant house-reef, rich aquatic life and playfully incorporating embroideries and prints referencing local Maldivian reefs and wildlife.


"On a trip to Lebanon, Zareena visited the Jeita Grotto, and was amazed at how nature would create what she calls one of the natures most creative features. The inspiration for the collection comes from nature's ability to deliver beautiful scenery from random single creations when put together in a magical way.
Zareena's main theme is abstract shapes and lines that become works of art when combined and placed on the designs in an artistic manner. Zareena's sense of placement and choice of colors are marks of her brand, that any enthusiast would recognize. Zareena does not like to confine herself to certain colors, therefore, within any of her collections you will see a wide range of daring color combinations. The fabrics are always have the sense of flow and femininity in them. She uses natural fabrics for her collections.
Following the theme, Zareena has three groups of designs within the collection, the whites, which portray nature's beauty personified in flower formations, the abstract formations with it's cornucopia of colors, and the golds, nature's ultimate precious belonging.
The collection preview includes 50 creations."

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