American Eagle Outfitters Opening in Cairo Festival city

September 26th was the date of the opening ceremony of American Eagle in Cairo Festival city. I and some of the Egyptian bloggers attended the event and enjoyed the beautiful music played by the DJ while taking photos by the one and only Silly Snaps photobooth.

Me with Sahar Fouad and Mahe Elshamy

Sahar caught in action ;) 

DJ's Jammin' the slammin' music

Me wearing American Eagle's Jeans.

Us with the American Eagle's team

Me with the bloggers Sahar fouad, Mahy Elshamy and Farah Emara

The adorable Sahar with a photo with her "silly" snap :D

Another silly snap with AEO's team

Yes, a selfie in the fitting room XD!

 Thank you American Eagle Outfitters for an incredible night at your new store at Cairo Festival City

Couldn’t  make it to the event? Don’t worry! You can still enjoy 50%  any top when you buy a pair of jeans! 

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