Michael Kors Nail Lacquer in Gossip review

This is my second post from the MK gift set, I have previously reviewed the lip luster, and reviewing today the nail polish.

The Michael Kors Nail Lacquer collection presents another diverse shade selection. Each Kors personality has two colors to represent it: ‘Sporty’ has Hint and Gossip. The Nail Lacquer that I have received was Gossip. This nail polish is pigmented and has a glossy finish.

Michael Kors Nail Lacquer in Gossip is a pure, shiny white. For a fully opaque finish this one will need three applications, and make sure you use a top coat . I am not a fan of the full opacity of white on my nails, that is why I passed with only two coats, which looked more feminine to me.
The packaging is a chic glass cuboid container with a gold lid with screws on the front. The product contains a generous 10ml .

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