Michael Kors Lip luster in Muse review

In a gift package I received from my cousin visiting from the U.S., she was generous enough to get me the new MK's lip luster and nail polish. My cousin is the same age as mine and we always had different style in dressing. But, when it comes to makeup, we always have the same taste.

The MK's Makeup collection is split into the three different personalities that comprise the Michael Kors woman: Sporty, a nude palette that’s more casual; Sexy, a confident and fiery selection of brights; and Glam, a sumptuous showcase of richer, darker hues.

Today, I will be reviewing the Lip luster in shade Muse.

Muse is a soft, milky nude with pale pink shimmer iridescent sparkle. While the shimmer also loses some oomph when applied to the lips, I also looked nicely nude and not chalky, and it didn't seep into lines like a lot of glosses in this kind of shade tend to do.

The formula of this is really very nice. It’s a modern take on a classic: slick and glossy, yet comfortable when worn and easy to apply. The traditional doe foot applicator is quite small, which is great for those who have thinner lips or require more precision. Like all of the Michael Kors makeup, the gloss is scented with an aspect of his signature fragrance line.

Michael Kors' lip luster is an exact dupe to YSL golden gloss .

I'm not saying its the exact dupe in shade, but it has the same packaging, same size, same consistency and formula, and same opacity same opacity. The formula is glossy with a bit of stickiness and tacky feeling- not a very natural nor comforting feeling to your lips, yet it helps is last longer. However, one must mentioned MK's luster is a little less tackier than the YSL one The luster is very sheer, not very pigmented but gives the shine needed.

The MK Muse shade is shiny and impactful. Muse is more muted, with just a hint of warm nude and lots of iridescent pink sparkle.

The YSL luster applicator, unlike MK is a brush applicator , not a doe foot. Which provides more control of application that the MK.

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