M.A.C Sweet Experience lipstick review

With bright pastels and funky neons MAC decided to throw some color into the world of makeup this Summer. Playful Pinks, Hot Oranges and Bright Corals, the theme of MAC’s 2014 Spring/Summer collection, Playland, a funtastical wonderland where Spring becomes a fabulous whirlwind of creativity and amusement. 
From the Playland collection, I received this lipstick, and put it to the test!

Sweet Experience is described as a “bright pink with an Amplified finish.” It’s a light milky pink with subtle, white undertones and a satin finish. It has an opaque coverage, and the consistency was lightly creamy.
It lasted for four hours, with eating and drinking. Even when I got back home, I had to scrub it off my lips to come off. This lipstick, more like Lady Danger, was neither drying nor hydrating. It just sits on your lips, being pretty! 

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