M.A.C Nail Transofrmations

Fusing her unique background as a former forensic scientist with a striking and innovative design sense, Marian Newman brings her modern aesthetic to a collaboration with M·A·C, featuring a collection of nail lacquers and topcoats designed to give nails a stylish twist. Six glowing topcoats in Texturize, Shadow, Blue, Pink, Green and Gold will transform the look of your lacquers into totally new shades.


Texturize clear leather-effect topcoat

Highlight sheer blue pearl transformer

Liquid Pigment – Pink Pearl sheer pink pearl transformer

Liquid Pigment – Green Pearl sheer green pearl transformer

Liquid Pigment – Gold Pearl sheer gold pearl transformer

Shadow sheer blackening topcoat

Skin light peach beige (cream)

Quiet Time beige nude (cream)

Rebel mid-tone cream plum (cream)

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