M.A.C Nail transformation topcoat review in Highlight/ Blue Pearl

 From M.A.C's new nail transformation collection, I received this top coat to review in Highlight Blue Pearl.

Highlight is a sheer blue pearl transformer, gloss lovers will adore this. Highlight (Blue Pearl) is meant to highlight and gloss up your polish with a sheer blue hue effect in the light. It did help catch the light with it's blue/purple iridescence.
Swatch deets: Thumb with only one coat of M.A.C blue pearl. Rest of fingers one coat of AE Go for Guava, and M.A.C blue pearl applied to all fingers except the middle finger

Do I like it? You bet. Do I recommend them? Definitely – why wouldn't I? It’s like doubling up your polish wardrobe with a single bottle ( which reminds me of O.P.I's matte top coat). And, top coat trends never fade, right?

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