M.A.C Matte Bronze bronzing powder review

In the search of the perfect bronzer that won't make me look to orang-ish , looking like Ann Hathaway in Brides Wars ( if you know what I may mean!) , and not to shimmery to the extent I would glow in the dark, I received this one by M.A.C in an Eid Gift box they have sent me.

I have always loved M.A.C's Hibiscus kiss bronzer from the Riri Woo's collection and believed that this would be my lifetime bronzing companion, only when I actually got a tan and that would not show unless applying 4+ layers! However, I cannot deny I will not stop using nor repurchasing that one, but I had to hunt for a sub in case they got discontinued.

The Matte Bronze bronzing powder is a slightly darker shade from Hibiscuss kiss, with light brown undertones (a bit browner than Hibiscus Kiss). From the name, obviously, its matte, not with the slightest hint of shimmer or sheen that gives you a natural sunkissed effect on your complexion.

The texture is smoothe and soft, but I found it to be rather difficult to pick up product with my brush that I had to swoosh off the brush several times in the compact to pick up enough product for one swipe. The pigmentation is decent with a good color pay off. I am an NC25 and it shows of well on my skin. I didn't have to reapply throughout the day and wore well for 5 hours.

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