American Eagle is Opening tonight in Cairo Festival City mall

Mark the date, choose your outfit and get ready for  the fun! Welcome to the new store opening event at American  Eagle Outfitters at Cairo Festival City on September 26th.    

I am heading to the new American Eagle Outfitters at  Cairo Festival City today! Drop by,  say hello and shop your favorite outfit with me! Come to Cairo  Festival City and check out the amazing new store with the brand new collection.  Signature denim, stylish tops and more to give you  your best looks – American Eagle Outfitters has now opened  its newest store at Cairo Festival City!

Music, style and fun – a promise of pure enjoyment  at the new American Eagle Outfitters store at Cairo Festival  City on 26th September! You don’t want to miss  this! – all this and more  when you come join me at the new American Eagle Outfitters  store at Cairo Festival City.  

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