The Begining of August, the begining of Eid

Ain't Eid holidays is one of every person's happiness in this world? It is sort of the Xmas of Muslims, but instead of getting unexpected (and sometimes unworthy or un-needed) gifts, we get money from our families and we get to spend it the way we like (thinking of this Kate Spade tote you have been saving for, huh?).

I spent the first couple of days with family in Sa7el (A.K.A North Coast) and then I got to get back to Cairo for family reasons (bummer!), and of course I wouldn't spend it home, I called up my bestie whom I don't get to see her often since she delivered her child, and went straight to Downtown Kattameya mall in the Fifth Settlement to dine and smoke Shisha (hookah) and enjoy a relaxing day with the empty Cairo streets (yuppee!). Those are quick footage of the day, I hop you like the photos ;) and thanks for your comments.

Going crazy funny at the store trying on their shades range
..and then bragging with my own pair :D

won't also hurt to brag with my Sole Society slippers in a shoe store..ha!

ain't my Sole Society pair a perfect match to my Ted Baker? ^^
a bored Selfie!

Dress: Stradivarius
Cardigan: Calliope
Flat Slippers: Sole Society
Purse: Ted Baker
Belt: Forever21
Armcandy: handmade by me =D

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