My body Skincare & favorite fragrances routine

Every girl has certain products she uses on a daily basis until she consumes it all up (..and might be restocking as well). These products are the ones I truly love and cherish and will be definitely using for as long as I shall live!

Fragrance mist (body scent splash): 
Bath and Body Works in Be Enchanted and Pink Chiffon.

I first got introduced to Pink Chiffon on its first release on Valentine's day in 2012 in the U.S.. I started off with their body lotion and ever since I have been using all of its range. It is as if was created for me (BBW should consider naming it after me! LOL), to the extent that whenever smells it anywhere, they immediately recall me wearing it and remmeber me. A friend of mine once told me she screamed at someone in an outing just because she was wearing the fragrance and she was like "That's Ayat's, why are you wearing this scent!". Cute!

Be Enchanted is an all-day, all-night mist which can work from early morning office scent till late at night dinner with the girls type of outing. I even use it on the beach and while running errands. This is my 2nd bottle and all got all of the range from shower gel to shimmer mist and body lotion.
Body Lotion:

Again, the all time Pink Chiffon from BBW, and Love Addict from Victoria's Secret Beauty Rush collection. It has again my favorite candy-like strawberry-ish scent with a hint of Almond to tone the sweety scent a bit down.

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