M.A.C Playland Hi Def Cyan Eyeliner review

From the Playland collection, I received this eye Chromagraphic pencil to review. The shade I got is Hi-Def Cyan is a brightened sky blue shade with a matte finish. It tends to be more on the Turquoise range. It has a great pigmentation, and it is very buildable and creamy. 

This formula is permanent at M.A.C PRO stores, and all shades have existed for a while now. I’m a big fan of the Chromagraphic Pencil formula because it’s very creamy, intensely pigmented, and long-wearing. It wore on my eyes for 3 hours until it started to fade minimally.

Always check M.A.C's inner packaging for the pigments and pencils as some of them are only used in particular areas of your face to avoid infection or inflammation. This Hi-Def Cyan pencil includes a warning that it is not to be used on the inner rim of the eye. 

Please disregard my carelessness and applying the liner in my inner rims, I haven't checked the packaging warning when I was swatching! (>o<)

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