M.A.C Lady Danger lipstick review

Since this season's new red is orange, this one is for those who are a bit frightened to try orange lipstick (guilty!) and yet fed up of applying the red lipstick and wants a change into something trendier.

Lady Danger is described as a “vivid bright coral-red [with a matte finish].” It’s a bold, bright orange-red lipstick with warm undertones and a matte finish. It is not as matte as Riri Woo or as drying. This one is a little bit hydrating (a very tiny bit though!) yet in a matte finish. This shade leans more red than orange, but it’s not full-on red, so finally I can get away with the awkward shades of red that does not fit my skintone (other than Riri woo of course, this one is universal!) and can apply it day to night.
This lipstick is long wearing, does not smudge or bleed. It stayed put for four hours with minimal fading. It has a creamy consistency and very well pigmented. One single smear and you are good to go.

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