M.A.C Alluring Aquatic Nail polish review in submerged

M.A.C Aquatic Nail polish in submerged is described as a “tarnished gold.” It’s a medium-dark, frosted with green undertones and a blue-ish/brown sheen. This shade reminded me of the fish scales, silverish with a mirror of blue and green hues in the sun.

It had fully opaque color in two coats, and it applied evenly and had very minimal brush strokes. The first coat was very sheer in not quiet pigmented. Hence, the swatches below are in two coats.

The packaging is, as all the Alluring Aquatic collection, has the water droplets on a metallic blue-teal plastic case, which give a wet look as if it has been rained on. You can feel the droplets as they are raised off the bottle package.

Swatch in shade

Swatch in sunlight
Samples has been sent for consideration & review
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