M.A.C Alluring Aquatic bronzing Powder in Golden review

From the limited edition Alluring Aquatic collection by M.A.C, I received three products to review- the nail polish which I have reviewed yesterday, the eyeshadow, and the bronzing powder which we will be reviewing today.

As I have previously mentioned, The packaging is really pretty. It has the water droplets on a metallic blue-teal plastic case, which give a wet look as if it has been rained on. You can feel the droplets as they are raised off the compact.

Alluring aquatic bronzing powder in Golden is a muted golden tan-beige with shimmer. This is a permanent product. This isn't highly pigmented, and is best used on the cheeks for a bronzed glow. But, You couldn't contour or bronze with this, and of course its useless for contouring as its shimmery and quite warm toned. I was slightly underwhelmed with this shade. Instead, I will be using this as a summer blush to give me a hint of tanned glow without looking like I'm faking it.

Swatch in Shade

swatch in sunlight

Samples has been sent for consideration & review
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