Bourjois Glamour Push Up Mascara

"In the Volume Glamour mascara family, I would like the most volumising of volumisers...!"
For those who never seem to have enough eyelashes, Bourjois offers a new interpretation of volume, curve and sublime opulence... every day!
Irresistible, the new Volume Glamour Effect Push Up mascara is to lashes what Push Up Lingerie is to our curves: an instant volume booster!

Effet Push Up, New Volume in 3 lessons of seduction

Volume Glamour Effect Push up is a declaration of instant, enhanced and intense volume. A bold mascara that offers a plumped up, thicker eyelash with upgraded curve.

·         Ultra-volumising UPLIFT brush
The UPLIFT brush is designed for extreme length and thickness.
With a diameter specifically calculated for quick and easy application on the eyelashes, it is equipped with 15 reservoirs cleverly distributed between the bristles. This arrangement provides maximum load over the entire length of the lash, from root to tip in a single gesture.

Creating baby doll eyelashes quickly and easily... for up to 16 hours!
·         The buildable PUSH UP formula
The ultra-black, silky formula of Volume Glamour Effect Push Up Mascara thickens and curls lashes in a single stroke. Its buildable texture allows flexibility for adding layers without drying out or hardening.  The perfect formula to achieve a “strand by strand” Twiggy style effect as seen on this season’s runways.
With its fine texture, the formula stretches like an extendible mesh. Buildable without weighing down the lashes, it provides customised volume.

Volume Glamour Effect Push up plumps up the lashes with extra curves
·         An ultra-feminine tube
A Lingerie spirited tube accentuated by sheer effects and powdery pastel and silver graphics on a black lacquered background. 

Mascara Volume Glamour Push up – 7ml

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