Bourjois Glamour Eyebrow pencils

Bourjois is expanding its range of eyebrow pencils with 3 new shadesPerfect news as the maxi eyebrow is a continuing trend.

The keystone of the face, the eyebrows showcase the eyes

The eyebrows are of paramount importance to the harmony of the features. Not content to punctuate our expressions, the eyebrows structure the face and naturally intensify the eyes.
With the Sourcil Precision range and its palette of 6 precise and subtle shades, even beginners can produce a professional effect.

The right color for a stunning effect!

The ideal shade is always closest to the natural eyebrow color. For those who had no other choice than black or brown, Bourjois has created subtle and delicate, absolutely undetectable intermediate shades.

NEW 06 Blond Clair: A true taupe, not too brown not too grey.

NEW 07 Noisette: Slightly golden, it is suitable for light brown to red eyebrows.

NEW 08 Brun brunette: A warm shade, not too dark, that does not harden the look.
And, as ever...

01 Noir Ebène: For jet black eyebrows and hair, for women with very dark skin.

03 Châtain: For medium brown hair and eyebrows.
04 Blond foncé: For those who were blonde when they were young...

Hassle-free eyebrows: demonstration!

OR how to achieve a "trendy boyish groomed" look...
To achieve the same effect as on the catwalks, the eyebrows are restructured, thickened and emphasised giving a very sexy androgynous look!

-          Thicken with small pencil strokes 
Brush the eyebrows downwards to effectively see the general line of the eyebrows. Fill in "gaps": the thin tip of Sourcil Precision guarantees a foolproof stroke and blends easily into the hairs.

-          Discipline using the little brush
Integrated into cap that protects the pencil tip, the brush smooths the eyebrows and makes the strokes imperceptible.
Then brush upwards this time to open the eyes.

A perfect Brow

·         The Beginning of the eyebrow should align with the outermost edge of your nose and the inside of your eye
·         The arch should peak at the outer edge of your iris
·         The brow should end aligned with the outermost edge of your nose also pass along the outer edge of your eye

3 top tips 

·         Redefine the line
Eyebrows too plucked? Using the brow pencil, lightly define your brow shape, applying the pencil in small short lines to mimic your natural hairs.
·         Intensify the eyes
Too spaced out, the eyebrows give a blank gaze. If they are too long, they accentuate fatigue and age.
·         Rejuvenate the face
By redefining the tip of the eyebrows that tends to thin out with age.
Sourcil Precision Eyebrow pencils – 1,13g

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