The Secret Garden Cairo event

In a cozy, pretty, flower and candy-themed celebration, All the fashionistas of Cairo were gathered in the same place at #TheSecretGardenCairo, where some of my favorite designers pooled together to give an all-out fashion-gasm at the Lemon Tree & Co. by the Nile :)

The amazing bazaar was hosted by Style Treasure and Bazarna Events. The entire place had been transformed into a floral fantasy, courtesy of Floradise, starting with an adorable flower-adorned porch swing at the entrance of the boat, which I was very tempted to sit on, but unfortunately it was just for decoration.

The show featured the collections of many talented Egyptian designers, such as: MebyAlia, AinMaha, & Mintboutique accessories, as well as a special presentation of Celine & Prada by the Outlet By Zag was on display.

The invitation only event witnessed the attendance Cairo's socialites and trendsetters, to name a few: Bazarna's founder Rana Nouman, Dina Ezz founder of diva's online boutique, Egyptian fashion designers Nada Akram, Nihal El Basha, Nermine El Ghamrawy, and many fashion blogger and style icons.

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