Shiseido makeup tips - smokey eyes

The Fashion Weeks of SS14 saw stars and fashionistas rock the Smokey Eyes look, from colour pop adaptations to a captivating blend of silver and black. This classic makeup look never fails to deliver an impact, framing your eyes with drama and intrigue making it ideal for this season’s girly glamour-meets edgy 90s vibe.

How to get the look this season:
·         Shimmering Cream Eye Color BK912, Caviar
·         Shimmering Cream Eye Color SV810, Tin
·         Shiseido Eye Shadow Brush
·         Smoothing Eyeliner Pencil BK901
·         Perfect Mascara Defining Volume BK901, Black
·         Perfect Rouge RD142, Sublime

Good makeup tools are essential for creating that sultry smudged appearance.  Using the Shiseido Eyeshadow Brush, smooth Shimmering Cream Eye Color BK912, Caviar across the lower lid. Begin at the outer corner sweeping in a ‘C’ shape along the upper lash line and halfway across the lower lashline. Work this sparkling deep noir into the crease of the lid getting lighter toward the inner corner for a graduated ombre effect.  Keeping the darkest shade at the outer edges opens up the eyes.

Use the same brush to blend the color outwards into a cat-eye winged effect, taking time to do so.  Blending is crucial so as to avoid severe lines and to achieve the sought after smokey finish.
Next, take the dazzling silver tones of Shimmering Cream Eye Color SV810, Tin and, using your fingertip, gently press the color into the middle of your lower lid for an extra pop of textured shimmer. 

Smoothing Eyeliner Pencil BK901 is dual-ended with the pencil at one end and an applicator at the other for easy blending.  Run along the waterline and lower lashes then using the applicator, blend into the outer corners to intensify the cat-eye flicks, underneath and along the upper lash line for true smokey appeal.

Lashings of Perfect Mascara Defining Volume BK901 will give your eyes day-long smudge proof lashes, coating each one generously for fierce flutter-ability.

Complete the look with a touch of Perfect Rouge RD142, Sublime on lips.  This shade fuses flirty peach tones with a hint of seductive brick-red for an overall natural finish that has just enough color depth to compliment the theatre of the eyes.

Now all you need is a party invite to show them off.

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