Sally Hansen Satin Glam collection review

Sally Hansen is launching a handful of new products this year. From a full suite of I Heart Nail Art tools, polishes and accessories to Sugar Shimmer glittering textures there is a lot to look forward to. Today, I have two of their new Satin Glam shades that combine sparkle with a satin finish for an understated glamorous look.

Sally Hansen Satin Glam is 5-Free (Formaldehyde, Toluene, DBP, Formaldehyde Resin, Camphor). The tapered bottles are similar to the Sally Hansen Lustre Shine bottles except the cap is shiny plastic with a speckled, satin look.

The brush is attached to a long stem that requires a good wipe against the rim to avoid excess polish dripping down. The brush fans out easily and allows for precise polish placement.

The formula is a bit squishy but smooth. For the most part, they pack enough pigment to give full coverage in two coats. Because they are satin finish polishes, they dry semi-matte with a wax coat sheen that is intended to be worn without top coat, which gives textured-chic finish to die for. Of course, due to the metallic shimmer inside, they look gorgeous with a glossy top coat.

Swatch of Teal Tulle (06)
Teal Tulle is also an awesome bright color and this one I liked very much! This had quite a perfect formula and it covered with two easy coats. The satin finish with this one looks really amazing! It is a bright turquoise with light blue and silver flecks. It’s a bit too bright and too blue to be considered a teal.
Swatch of Teal Tulle (06) in shade
The other shade I am reviewing today is Taffetta, a gorgeous purple, I enjoyed this one much more than Teal Tulle. It's a nice color and it also had quite nice formula, two easy coats for full coverage. is a mid-tone red violet with silver, light purple and blue flecks. It tip toes on Radiant Orchid territory though it’s not quite pink enough for that.
Swatch in Shade

Swatch in sunlight

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