Cellular Radiance Night Cream awaken to the dawn of radiant skin

 As skin matures, it undergoes changes, causing loss of elasticity, increased lines and wrinkles and a dulled skin appearance. 

The Radiance Collection brings light to the skin and works tirelessly to restore the skin’s natural glow over time.  The essence of opulence, precious ingredients within this collection revitalizes skin, and the radiance complex restores skin’s lustrous texture and tone. 

We know radiant skin is dependent on tone and structure.  The dull or radiant appearance of skin is related to a number of complex interactions between light and the skin involving surface reflections.  Imperfections on the skin’s surface from loss of moisture and the increased appearance of fine lines affect the overall smoothness and plumpness that’s responsible for this healthy glow.  la prairie addresses these imperfections both on the surface and subsurface of the skin to address concerns of luminosity both immediately and long-term.  From a single golden drop of the serum to the extraordinary creams and emulsions, the Radiance Collection works in harmony to maintain and enhance this natural glow, using next-generation anti-aging technology.  
 Currently comprised of Cellular Radiance Concentrate Pure Gold, Cellular Radiance Cream, Cellular Radiance Emulsion SPF 30 and Cellular Radiance Eye Cream, la prairie is proud to expand the collection with the new Cellular Radiance Night Cream.  This product completes the Radiance Collection, bringing forth rare ingredients and advanced technology, to bestow the glowing radiance of youthful skin…while you sleep.  After all, sleep is essential to maintain a healthy well-being, not only prompting the body and mind to function optimally—but also the skin!  Sleep allows skin to go into repair and rejuvenation mode, making it the prime time for efficacious skincare such as Cellular Radiance Night Cream. 

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