All Monochrome

Black and white is the prefect base for any piece of visual art- whether a painting, furniture, or clothes. Imagine adding to that any piece of accessory of any color to create the popping effect needed to enhance or brighten the look. That is what I exactly did on that day.

Doing that photoshoot was quite different than street style photoshoots I have previously done before. First of all it was an indoor studio. Second, the photoshoot was with a new, and amazing, photographer, Chehab Adel whom I am neither used to getting posed in front of, nor acquainted with. Yet, he managed to bring me out of my comfort zone and pose in different direction that I have, not only NEVER done before, but also was sure that I would look in. He has a great concept and perspective in photography of any sort.

Shirt: H&M
Pants: Suite Blanco
Slipper: Sole Society

Photographer: Chehab Adel

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