ABnG world event in Collaboration launch with Vintage and Krak Baby

In a small celebration, ABnG World celebrated the collaboration launch of Vintage and Krak Baby, in their platform in Taha Hussein street, Zamalek.

I cannot speak about how I was amazed with my first visit to ABnG world as that will be unfair since this post is mainly dedicated to the event. I got the chance to meet with those who are behind this great platform, one of those whom I got to interview is Nahla Boshra, Platform Manager. Nahla is a GUC graduate, 2011; She designed a bit for Azza Fahmy and started to do her own business.
Tell me Nahla, how did AbnG start off?

We wanted to create a platofrm, a design hub to connect different designers together. We started off with Many designers options like Deanna Shabaan, Azza Fahmy, and many others, each in their own field, from home accessories, to jewlery, home styling pieces, clothes and many more. We decided to pick only one designer from each category to create the variety and the difference.

Who are the main designers you chose to collaborate and display at your platform?

We have Tarek Elsallab from Vintage eyewear, Krak Baby, Deanna Shaaban for clothes and womenwear, Chairs & Co.

What is the idea behind ABnG?

The idea of Shop-in-Shop, not a gallery or a mall , is to complete not compete.

 Since the culture of Shop-in-Shop is new to the Egyptian culture/market, how did your clients react to it visiting your platform?

At first, I hesitated a bit, because people in the beginning got distracted and would need to get acquainted with the display at first. At this stage, we needed to promote the concept itself so that everything else would work out. Hence, Changing the display regularly will make the design platform different from the other, making us stand out.

 When did the platform open?

8th of March 2014

Where did the name ABnG come from?

Well, I would rather leave that for the readers to guess ;)

Tell me more about the space distribution in ABnG?
The Space is all about events with brands and collaborating together, like today's collab. with Vintage and Krak Baby, Painting exhibitions..etc

Are you considering to expand somewhere else in addition to Zamalek anytime soon?
Yes! For sure.

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