When in doubt, Add Mustard

Wandering around Zamalek's streets on weekend mornings has always been a treat, mind relaxing and enjoyable. I bet y'all agree with me- Nile, greenery, great view, nice breakfast, good scenery, amazing outings and more. Doing so this weekend, after the terrible heat wave we suffered from for three consecutive days, and terrible work week, I had to release that in my favorite city in Cairo.. Zamalek.

Shirt: Stradivarius
Fishnet sweater: Mango
Jeans: Zara
Wedges: Rampage
Purse: Charles & Keith
Watch: Guess
Shades: Dolce & Gabanna
Earrings: Aldo
Anklet: Damas Jewlery
Ring: Menna Khalil

Thanks to the amazing photographer Mohamed Magdy Nour

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