Bright Fuchsia Summer Trend Lip

MAC Lip pencil in Magenta can be used as a base all over the lips to warrant your lipstick lasting longer.
Go daring and Bright with Mineralize Rich Lipstick in Bold Spring to add a burst of colour to your summer look.

To create the illusion of fuller lips, take your lipstick bullet and draw straight across the two peaks of your upper lips. This will form the perfect pout.

Nude Silky Summer Glossy Lips

Textural lips are very trendy for SS14 and the modern texture is silky, pearlescent and luminous.
Achieve this look very simply by applying Mineralize Rich Lipstick in Pure Pout in the center of the lips.

Line the outline of the lips using Mineralize Glass in Ray Of Sunshine for a finish that feels contemporary and textures that feel ultra-comfortable.

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