M.A.C Mineralize Rich Lipstick in Be A Lady review

The M.A.C Mineralize lipstick range is very hydrating, during the summer, its nice to have a hydrating lipstick specially when you wear it during the day. Its light weight and long lasting, yet not very pigmented with a sheer finish. However, it has a buildable coverage.

The packaging is slight different than the regular M.A.C lipsticks. The cover is magnetizes, so you do not have to 'click' the lipstick with its lid to ensure its closed properly--Neat!

Be a lady is a light coral shade with warm pink undertones.

Be a Lady shade is soft, feminine and goes with many eye makeup looks. Its one of my favorite.
The great thing about it that it goes with all skin tones. Sometime, you're more fair skin during the winter and more bronze during the summer. This shade is perfect for all year around.

It wore well for four full hours, with no eating or drinking.

The shade is heart-breakingly pretty. I'm always a coral pink girl, so this will definitely be my go for shade day to night <3

Sample has been sent for consideration and review by M.A.C
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