Instant Dry by BOURJOIS

DIY Manicures can be a time consuming task.  Waiting for freshly painted nail polish to dry is tricky, often resulting in one or two smudges.

Bourjois has the solution with Instant Dry, its first quick dry product for salon perfect nails in record time.

One drop of this magical product on the nail and enamel dries twice as fast*!
* Usage test on 30 volunteers
- Apply the colour of your choice
- Without waiting, apply a single drop on each nail
- Ultra fast drying

An essential product for nail polish lovers

v  Fast dry formula

Thanks to a highly vaporous silicone and volatile solvent, Instant Dry accelerates the drying time of nail enamel, leaving nails looking smooth and glossy.
Added benefit: A nourishing formula
v  Smart packaging and texture
The liquid formula of Instant Dry is applied with a dropper. Simply squeeze the pipette once to draw up the liquid and then press gently to deliver a precise drop on each nail. It spreads immediately and evenly over the entire surface of the nail.
v  Nourishing formula
Added benefit: a magical product, it also cares for the nails. Bourjois has included cotton oil in the composition of Instant Dry to nourish the cuticles in a single step!

Instant Dry is immediately applied after the final coat of enamel.
Its formula is compatible with all types of nail enamel.

Tested and approved
81% of volunteers would buy this product and 84% would recommend it.
For 87% of consumers, the colour is set in a few seconds.
For 87%, one drop is enough for a nail.

Usage test on 31 women

Instant Dry – 9ml

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