Do you speak French Manicure?

The French manicure revisited in 4 new pre-harmonised assortments*
 * to be followed or not, depending on whims and inspirations

A decade ago Bourjois made the French manicure available to all by launching the first French Manicure kit.

In 2014, Bourjois innovates and revisits the classic manicure with a twist, coloured with multiple effects.

The collection includes 4 pairs of pre-harmonised colours following specific codes defined by the colour expert:

A solid lacquer joins forces with a new glittery texture for a foolproof, arty result!

Moon French

French Moon

Energetic pink with a champagne half-moon: so decadent!

Outlined French

French around the edges

A taupe delicately outlined by textured and precious gold: so chic!

Side French

French on the side

A deep, dark red twisted on one side by a mesmerising and so very mysterious purple!

Classic French

A classic French manicure but far from well-behaved with an emerald livened up by a glittery silver.

4 new shades including 3 textured

A play on new textures

Bourjois launches new generation glittery nail enamels! Coloured and textured they cover the nail from the very first stroke. The different sized glitter particles create a multi-tinted result.

New 43 Champagne Shower: a refreshing pink champagne that can be discreet or festive. Team with T07 Fuchsia bucolique
New 42 Oh my gold: a jewellery-style textured white gold. Team with T04 Taupe classy
New 40 I like to mauve it: a mesmerising, textured purple with captivating gold tints. Team with T12 Rouge obscur

The "shade" of the momentNew 41 God save the green: as precious and intense as an emerald. Team with T39 It's raining stars

Professional Double-Ended Nail Brush

To create the most arty French Manicures, this is the indispensable tool with its fine applicator on one end and rounded applicator on the other.

ΓΌ  1 Second Nail Enamel – 9ml AED 40                                                                                                                                                                                         
Professional Double-Ended Nail Brush

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