CK Liquid gold new fragrance

Overwhelmed by an addictive desire. Melt into the richness. Enter a world of luxury.

Liquid Gold Euphoria Women

Luxurious – Powerful –Addictive

Fragrance: Woody Oriental

With a dry down of sandalwood, liquid gold euphoria warms the senses with its rich and powerful scent. the fragrance opens with a hint of cinnamon, creating a lavish, exhilarating, feeling that deepens with the mystery of black orchid.

Top: Cinnamon
Mid: Black Orchid
Dry: Sandalwood

Liquid Gold Euphoria Men

Powerful – Mysterious – Magnetic

Fragrance: Woody Oriental

Liquid Gold Euphoria men is a strong and masculine fragrance with a contemporary twist. the spicy black pepper creates a vibrant, sparkling effect, while the refined, complex saffron exudes a unique signature. the creamy sandalwood introduces the smooth and sensual quality of the scent.

Top: Black Pepper
Mid: Saffron
Dry: Sandalwood

Bottle and Packaging

The liquid gold euphoria bottles are modernized with refined matte gold shells and shiny black opaque glass.

The extravagant black and gold packaging features a detailed, embossed Middle Eastern-inspired pattern for an elegant texture.

Liquid Gold Euphoria Men Eau de Parfum  spray 3.4oz/100ml

Liquid Gold Euphoria Eau de Parfum spray 3.4oz/100ml

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