BOURJOIS Mix & Match Summer Trends 2014

For summer 2014, the coloured contour trend will be hot!
Bourjois goes wild for the customised arty look in its new Mix and Match collection! Dare to play with flashy neon colours, mix and match colours, effects and textures, overlay and outline... contours are no longer off-limits!

7 new Contour Clubbing Waterproof Pencil shades

At the heart of the new season's fashion and beauty trends

Bourjois offers a wide range of Contour Clubbing Waterproof pencil shades with matte, pearly or glittery effects to be mixed and matched for a bespoke look.
... the ultimate collectables!

Sensory and reliable

An easy blending and ultra-gliding creamy texture for soft quick application.
A waterproof formula to keep your look intact all day long!

ü  New 54 ultra black: intense black for drama.
ü  New 55 ultra black glitter: intense black combined with a pearly concentrate for an intense glittery effect.
ü  New 56 blue it yourself: a midnight blue with subtle silvery sparkles for a mesmerising look.
ü  New 57 up and brown: warm brown revived with gold tints, for an elegant look.
ü  New 58 pink about you: a pink colourblock to work the neon trend.
ü  New 59 dynamint: a fresh minty, non-pearly and ultra-radiant green. High fashion shade.
ü  New 60 taupe of the top: an almost metallic taupe, sprinkled with fine gold pearly extracts for easy wearing.

An ultra-trendy combination of pencil and eyeliner

This summer, pencils and eyeliners play doubles for a 100% arty look.
The pencil finish is combined with black liner for more intensity and unique make-up results.

Bourjois tips:
For an electric look, combine a black stroke with a neon shade.
For a colourblock effect, apply a thick stroke of Contour Clubbing Waterproof pencils 58 Pink about you and 59 Dynamint.
For graphic effects, try dotted lines and patterns at the outer corner of the eye or a small dot below the eye.

The model is wearing Contour Clubbing Waterproof pencils 56 Blue it yourself, 58 Pink about you and 42 Gris Tecktonik.

ü  New  Contour Clubbing Waterproof Pencils – 1,20g AED 76   

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