Adidas Get Ready for Her new Brazil collection review

This collection is inspired by the colorful festives of Brazil, who inspired in encourages sports like Adidas?

The scent is super sweet with a hint of Cedarwood, my favorite combo! It smells like Morgan de toi 's Love de Toi, which was my Favorite go for morning scent all through my college days.

Top Notes

Middle Notes
Grenadine, Orange, Water lily

Base Notes
Sugar, Musk, Cedarwood, Amber

My First impression:

Adidas Get Ready EDT : lasted for - hours., flattered my passion for fruits and candy scents. I believe a must have for this summer.

Adidas Get Ready Deodorant : Very effective antiperspirant. kept me dry and smell-free for 5 hours at least.

Adidas Get Ready Shower gel: Refreshing, lathers well, smells great (just like the EDT), hung on my skin for hours.

Adidas has never been my go for fragrance nor deodorant, for women specifically, but this collection has definitely changed my perspective regarding their skin & body care/fragrance. This is certainly by far a summer must have. I'm so sad this is a limited edition collection as I am starting to get addicted to the scent. I really hope Adidas change their minds and put this in their permanent collection.

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