Sally Hansen I Love Nail Art review

Breakthrough new products to bring your nail art creations to life, from nail color leader Sally Hansen. The I <3 Nail Art lets you produce unprecedented special effect textures, one-of-a-kind designs, and unforgettable nail artistry at home. Sally Hansen has assembled all the colors and embellishments—new go-to nail art accessories—all in one place; the nail wall at your favorite retailer. It has never been easier for you to design as many extraordinary nail art looks as you can imagine. Sally Hansen now has the final word in nail art.

“The best part about nail art is that you can never be wrong when bringing your vision to life,” says celebrity nail artist, Tracylee. “Now anyone can tap into their inner artist with this amazing nail art arsenal that lets novices and pros alike create the looks of their dreams.”

The I <3 Nail Art Pen, a water based formula offer an easy to use precision tip to help create lines and designs. Available in 4 of-the-moment colors in Sally Hansen’s new fine tipped pen in a novel round tipped pen, it’s never been easier to express yourself. Once you’ve nailed the look, seal it with any Sally Hansen top coat formula.

The Sally Hansen I <3 Nail Art is a felt tip pen with which you draw your favorite art, whatever comes on your mind, on your previously polished nails (it has to be polished nails, otherwise, the Nail Art pen will stain your nails and won't come off easily).
These nail art pens are available in 4 shades in the Middle East: Yellow, Neon Pink, White, Blue

WHERE TO FIND THEM: Faces stores

Do I recommend this? Very much, specially the pink pen and white pen one you can use to draw flowers at the corners of your nails, french tips, dots.. everything.
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