L'Oreal infallable eyeshadow in Golden Sage review

If you've been reading this blog for a while, then you know two things: 1) I've been waiting months for these Infallible Eyeshadows to reach my hands and 2) I'm a sucker for green eyeshadows. So, I was so excited to put my hands on this beauty.
Golden Sage is a sparkling golden green eyeshadow with an olive base. It has flecks of golden shimmer underneath. This shade sparkles in such an incredible, eye-catching way. There are few products and even less shades that sparkle in such a way. I was truly enchanted when I swatched this, and it was as pretty on the lid as it was on my arm. 

This is a loose pressed pigment. The formula here feels like a cross between a cream and a powder. Application is incredibly smooth here, they glide on beautifully but I do think it deserves mentioning that they’ll work best on a smooth lid. If your lids are uneven, wrinkled, etc…you might feel application comes across a touch patchy. 
This shadow is so pigmented that you would NEVER need to apply that much pressure. I have read that you MUST use your finger for application for maximum pigmentation and that you need to "pat" on the product as opposed to sweeping it across the lid. Well that might be the case for OTHER shades, but for Golden Sage, I found that using my fingertip was NOT the ideal method of application. Using a traditional eyeshadow brush (I used e.l.f. Eye Shadow Brush) is the perfect method of application for this particular shadow. I found that using my finger really thinned out the pigmentation, while using a brush delivered the maximum pigmentation and shimmer.

The shadow is a heavy weight in my opinion, yes, they are weightless once in place but when color is built up the formula starts to get heavier and heavier. So, you’ll need to blend these out fully once you’ve added layers.

Wear time is incredible. I have drier lids and without primer they pretty much last from the start of my day straight through the evening with a little minor creasing, very minor, around the 10th hour in. 

These swatches differed because of the lighting, so I uploaded all three to see the difference in Sunlight, normal light and shade.

Oh, one more thing to mention. This eyeshadow works both dry and wet, but best color pay off comes when a little bit damp.

*Great Price ($7.95) and at Ezaby Pharmacy for 90 EGP
*Great Pigmentation
*Wear time is super. Stays on for long (lasted 10 hours on my lid!!)
* Strong color payoff
*Smoothe Formula

*Non! maybe I would be a little needy and would seek perfection. I need variation of shades to matte and sheer shades so I can buy the full range!

This, by far, has become my eyeshadow holy grail!

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