Labello Lipbalm review

Labello, ever since I grew up, has been my favorite lip product since I was 7. I remember whenever I hit the supermarket, my dad would grab one of these and add it to the shopping cart for me.

Growing up using Labello's lip balms kept me at bay from trying other lip moisturizers, and honestly, till this day, I have no idea why I didn't get to see lip products by other brands at shelf reach whether at the supermarkets or the pharmacies.
Since I have not purchased a single lip product by Labello for years now, I thought I need to restock and do a review on this product putting an end to a debate on whether its a keeper, a product to use all through your life, or not. I got two flavors of the Labello lip balm to test: the Fruity Shine in Strawberry and the Pure & Natural Milk & Honey.

Strawberry (Fruit shine), as the name states, it gave me the shine and a hint of reddish tint, but not the moisture. In fact, it made my lips even drier. Has a very nice strawberry flavor (Yum!)

Milk & Honey:  Really really moisturized my lips properly, not tint, and that is all I need for a product to keep from winter to summer all year around.

Restocking on the strawberry? Nah, just maybe for the flavor, since I am strawberry girl. But, since I'm a mature woman who do not take things by appearances anymore, (huge words for a lip balm review, I know! LOL), I believe the moisturizing effect for a lip balm is essential, otherwise, whats a lipbalm for?

Have you tried any of Labello's products? Do you have a favorite flavor?
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