Farashe Hair conditioner review

Since my wide locks needs a lot of TLC to prevent frizziness, tangles, dryness, split ends and damages, I am always on the hunt for the right hair products and treatments for my hair to remain healthy, specially sine I am veiled and my hair is covered up 70% of the day.

My current hair routine is L'Oreal Elvive renutrition Shampoo with royal honey & Omega 6 for dry hair,  Tresemme's hair conditioner with Vitamin E, and Tresemme leave-in condition for split-ends prevention. This routine is keeping me very satisfied with the results which I cannot replace until I find something better that would keep me that happy and satisfied.

I got to test out Farashe's hair cream, which claims " Its ingredients will repair your hair from harmful effects caused by hair treatments, coloring and climate change." - they are reading my mind. But, again, a lot of brands claim they do something and treat something, will on the contrary all is does is the absolute opposite.

After I tested this product on my hair and left it for about 10 mintues, it turned out that it is supposed to be left there for at least 30 minutes. But, testing it with 10 minutes was enough for me to see surprising results. My hair has never been that soft and silky except with applying lots of products and styling creams, and I got what I wanted only with applying Farashe's hair cream, since it can be used also as a styling product. So, last night, my hair routine only consisted of L'Oreal Elvive's shampoo and Farashe's hair conditioner.

This product consists of Glycerin, Argan oil, Coconut oil, honey, Aloe, protein, which are all very beneficial products for treating and protecting your hair.

However, from the result I have seen, I do not recommend this product for very oily hair, as this will cause your hair to be very greasy and oily.

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