DIY:how to fix a broken nail

Breaking a nail is so frustrating! And, it always seems to happen right when your nails reach the perfect length. Then you have to trim the rest of them down to match the broken one and wait for them to grow again in unison. UGH—no fun. But, before you go cutting off the broken nail at the split, you should probably let us help you fix it!
To fix a broken nail, you'll need a few handy supplies that you might already have lying around the house: a buffer, nail glue (or super glue), a teabag, scissors, tweezers, and a base coat.

Once you've got those things prepared, follow these instructions:
1. Clean the broken nail
Carefully remove any nail polish and swipe rubbing alcohol over the broken nail to make sure it is clean from any oils, lotion, dirt, or bacteria.
2. Prep the teabag
Grab an unused teabag, and cut off the top of the bag, emptying it completely of its ingredients. Then cut out a small square of the teabag material, big enough to cover the split in your nail.
3. Glue the nail
With your cutout piece of teabag material nearby, saturate the broken nail with a fair amount of nail glue/ super glue (make sure to glue the split in the nail).
4. Cover the Split
Use tweezers to place the teabag material over the split of the nail. Then use the side of the tweezers to press the material down so that it adheres properly to the nail. Wait for the nail to dry. (Tip: if the material starts to lift, apply more glue to secure it, or reapply with another piece of material.)
5. More Glue
Once the material is sticking fully to your nail, apply another layer of glue over the top. At this point, the white material will become translucent, and blend in with the rest of your nail. Then wait again for this layer of glue to dry completely.
6. Buff and File
Since the material and glue on the nail will make your nail feel rough and raised, use a buffer to smooth out the surface of the nail. Make sure not to buff too hard or too much so that you do not buff off the material completely. You can also file the sides and top of the nail to clean up any excess material that is hanging off the edges.

A few more tips:
- Use non-acetone nail polish remover in between manicures so as not to deteriorate the nail glue.
- To remove, soak your nail in Incoco's Gel & Polish Remover Jar, and use a cuticle stick to help push off the material.
- Using just crazy glue or nail glue without the teabag material will not be a long lasting repair. The teabag material will act as a strengthener and hold both sides of the split nail together.
- Finish off with a top coat that is a ridge-filler. This will help accommodate for any unevenness after buffing, and smooth the surface of the nail.
- You can use a base coat instead of nail glue to make the material stick, but the glue is made from stronger solution, so it will most likely hold up longer against the break.

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