SS'14 Makeup trends

This season, it’s all about pastels, bare, natural, dewy and raw beauty. Every season we're presented to a new variation on "natural" beauty, but, for spring/summer 2014, models really were sent out onto the catwalks with the bare minimum of makeup products and styling.

Almost more of a non-trend than a trend, the aim is to achieve a raw, natural-looking beauty using make-up to conceal flaws and to define features rather than to completely transform (Yes that means no mascara). The only make-up used at some fashion shows was a little concealer where it was needed, other at shows merely washed and dried hair before adding a little oil to tame any frizz. At some catwalks, eyes were given a wash of pale color to hollow and enhance shape, whilst others complemented messy plaits with illuminated skin for a "Nineties supermodel glow".

With spring right around the corner, it’s time to freshen up your makeup, try some new shades and rejuvenate your look. Soft berry colors, pastels and bright oranges are three of the hottest trends in make-up now. Try a soft, ethereal and romantic look or a bright pop of orange on the lips (but not together!). Experiment with a new creamy blush, lip color or eye shadow compact and have fun creating your own fresh make-up looks.

The peachy glow is no newbie to the beauty scene but this time round the apricot vibes hit the eyes –both liner and shadow. Dustings of coral right up to the brow was a huge look at some fashion shows. It's the perfect alternative to bare-faced beauty.

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