Makeup Do's & Don'ts

Makeup can give you a healthy glow and bring out your best features, unless its done wrong. If you do something that I consider it wrong in this article, then no offense. I'm only giving you tips on how to look at your best without looking like you are actually trying to fake it.
Don't wear darker foundation to look tanned!
Don't wear lighter foundation to look whiter!

Foundation mishaps is choosing the wrong foundation shade and not being able to test your foundation in store, or even simply you don't know how to choose your foundation shade. Foundation should match your neck and body. So, before buying a foundation, swatch it on your neck to make sure it gives you a seamless and natural effect. 

It is again choosing the right shade (warm or cool tone) and that it should complement your foundation shade. Also, don’t use powder foundation as powder. Powder foundation is foundation. Pressed powder can be used instead to set your foundation, rather than powder foundation. Powder foundation is meant to be worn on its own because it has a decent amount of coverage. So packing powder foundation over foundation doesn't only give you a packed up look, but actually is too heavy coverage for your skin which you don't need. Its full coverage over full coverage! Powder is made to set your foundation and keep shine at bay. You should not be packing layers of makeup one by one over your face; the trick is to keep everything light and simple to give you maximum perfection. 

It’s a myth that light concealer hides darker circles and bags. If you lighten something you highlight it, so lighter concealer only draws attention to your flaws. Don't use a lighter concealer if you have severe dark circles, instead, opt for a corrector (pink/peach tone concealer) to neutralize your dark circles, then apply your right concealer. 

Highlighter/blush/ bronzer:
Over highlighting can actually make your skin look oily and shiny. Don't over highlight, and don't apply highlighter in the wrong spots. Only use shimmery highlighter on your cheekbones. Sometimes it’s best to keep it sheer. Highlighter is meant to be used in moderation. So, if you apply it too much, it will look like a thick dense line on your cheek and will grab the wrong type of attention.

The over use of bronzer! Don't apply a whole lot of bronzer allover your face to look tanned. Over doing it can make you look muddy. Bronzer can give you a nice alive, sunkissed, and sculpted face if used in certain amounts on certain spots as demonstrated in the photo above. You only apply bronzer underneath your cheekbones to sculpt it out, and a little bit on your forehead frame it if you have a big one. Bronzer can also define your nose if you have flaws with it, and there are several techniques to do that which we will be covering in a later stage. Bronzer makes a feature look receded, unlike highlighter, which makes a feature come forward. So here it is, cleared out. Also,you do not apply it as a blush! Using a bronzer can add a glow to the skin, but it can look dark to you if its over applied on your cheeks, under your cheeks and on your cheek bones! WOOH! its everywhere. If you apply bronzer far to down to your face it can look  like a beard! We don't want that now, do we? 

As for Blush, it should ONLY be applied from the sides of your temples to the apples of your cheek. We wear blush to make us look fresh, flushed, natural, not like a clown having a pink ball on both sides of his face. Moderation is the key.

Brows are personal, each person like to keep them the way they like and feel comfy with. So, I'm not going to judge you. But there are a huge no's to this. Do not over pluck, very thin brows makes you look older and don’t flatter the eyes. As long they are not too cartoon-ish and ain't far away from your natural eyebrow shape, you are good to go. Fill them right, shape them right and i promise you it will make you 10 times prettier and complimenting to your face shape.

Blending of eyeshadows is the point. You don't apply lines! Don't leave any harsh lines. Blend blend blend! Brushes are an amazing investment if you got the right one. Invest in a good blending brush and I promise you you own't need any other eyeshadow brushes. 

Eyeliner is made to frame your eyes. It looks best if you apply a small line on the top of your lids rather than drawing a thick line up and down you lash lines. Appling eyeliner to the outer corner of your lower lash line can make your eyes look pretty and feminine. Also, you can wear your eyeliner on the upper lashline only, but you NEVER apply your eyeliner only on your lower lashline. It’s not very flattery.

You apply a very thin coat on the top and bottom (or only top) lashes. But, do not apply a one thick coat on your eyelashes. If you want to make your lashes dense, apply two thin coats instead of one thick coat, and keep a dry time in between. Also, apply mascara in two different ways for each coat- The first coat, apply your mascara in a wiggly-way, taking your brush from side to side, left and right; the second coat, apply your mascara from the roots of your lashes up till the tips of it, and wing your outer lashes out to the sides to give a cat-like, wide-eyed look.

Don't wear lipstick too light! There is a difference between nude and nude lips. If the lips are too white, it can wash you out completely and make you look pale and lifeless.

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