M.A.C Veluxe Pearlfusion Shadow in Phresout review

The RiRi hearts M.A.C from the Holiday collection Veluxe Pearlfusion eyeshadow contains five eyeshadows. If you’re not familiar with the new Veluxe Pearlfusion eyeshadow Palettes, they feature a new formula that can be used wet or dry.

The range tends to be frosted, metallic, and glittery. If you are not a fan of shimmer or frost, you’ll want to stay clear of this palette and pick the other one.  Phreshout has two shades that are glittery, so the wear duration was poor with a lot of fall outs occurring throughout the application, and faded very quickly.

The packaging is a white plastic portable compact and doesn't take space in my tiny makeup bag. Has the RiRi <3 M.A.C print on the lid, with a gold frame around the eyeshadow space.

 #1 is a pale golden ivory with a frosted finish. It has a good color payoff when applied dry, and it was smoother and slightly more pigmented when applied damp. 
 #2 is a glittery warm copper with a golden sheen and copper sparkle. It had a slightly dry consistency that was best applied damp.
 #3 is a rose gold with a glittery finish. Applied dry, it’s just a sheer glittery mess. So, it binds better and holds on if applied damp, so there’s some color.
 #4 is a taupe gray/purple shade with a frosted sheen. It had good color payoff both wet and dry.
#5 is a dark brown with purple undertones and a satiny sheen. It had nice pigmentation both wet and dry.
swatch in shade, dry application
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